Monday’s Musings from the Porch Swing

As a family who homeschools we are already going against the grain of the majority of american families, but just how do we stand strong when the wind blows hard against us, which it often does.  This wind seems to come the strongest from those close to us.  For us it has often seemed like an uphill battle.  We have older parents who are very set in their ways and tend to have a tough time understanding that we parent differently than our brothers and sisters.  We have tried more times than I care to count to explain to them why/how we do things the way we do, but it seems like we always end up at square one again next time.  What is one to do when this happens?  persevere by praying and asking for guidance.

You and your spouse need to be in agreement as to how you are raising the children.  If you are not it will be harder to stand up against those who don’t support you.  It may mean that the two of you need to sit uninterrupted and discuss your choices.  If you don’t agree on some things, the two of you will need to listen to each other and calmly discuss these aspects.  You may find that you have to go back to the discussion at another time; this is okay, progress will not be made if you get angry with each other.  In the end it is important to remember it is our job to build strong families who do what the Lord ask of us.  God will help us to follow Him.

Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


Monday’s Musings from the Porch Swing

I have been thinking about family relationships a lot over the last week.  Many families are so distant in their relationships from one another.  Too much time may be spent running too and fro for some families.  Other families may not know how to talk to each other.  Then there are others who haven’t spoken to family members in years due to hurt feelings or other problems from the past.  I’m sure there are still other things I didn’t mention that your family or some family you know has to deal with that keeps them from being close to their family .  I’ve decided the best place for me to start working on my family relationships is with prayer.  I am going to ask God to show me what I should do on my end and also to help us to resolve any problems standing in the way to a better relationship.  It is important to me that I not only ask Him to show me, but to pay attention to what He shows me.  He has already been showing me not to let the little things get to me.  Often someone will say or do something small and I get hurt or mad about it.  Instead I need to realize that maybe the other person didn’t mean any harm in what they said or did, and even if they did I should be the more mature one and let it roll off my back.

In this day and time it is becoming increasingly important for me to have a good relationship with family, not only close and extended family, but in-laws too.  I feel that if we want our children to love others and love their enemies too that Buzzard and I need to show them the love we have for all of our family.  I do realize that there are some people that we personally may love, but still are not willing to spend time with due to things beyond our control, but God can make a way for all things.  We just have to pray and be patient and also realize we are only human and don’t think the way God does. After all is said and done something in from the past may still keep us from as close a realationship with that person as the ones we are hoping to build with other members of our family.  In the end I believe if we desire these things it has to start with us.

Monday’s Musings From the Porch Swing

Today as I was getting ready to go to the Dr. it dawned on me that I, like many others, get guessed up to go out, but don’t think much about how nice I dress around the house.  Why is it that many of us worry more about what we look like when we are among strangers than we do when around our own husbands; don’t they deserve to see us look nice too?  I know that we spend a lot of time cleaning, cooking, and wiping snot from children’s noses and don’t want to put on a dress that we would wear to a party to do such task.  When we are picking out our everyday house clothes, or the patterns and material in which to make them, maybe we should put a little more thought into it and buy practical but pretty clothing.  I’ve been thinking I should take the time to look nice for my husband when he comes home from a long day at work; give him something to look forward to.  In the long run not only will this benefit him it will also benefit me, because it makes me happy to see my family happy, especially my husband.  It will also make me feel better about myself when I look in the mirror and give me a better outlook.  That in turn will make me more pleasant to be around, hopefully even when I’ve had a bad day, at least better than I would have if I’d seen myself dressed frumpy on a day like that.

I am not planning on telling my husband of this plan of mine, I am just going to implement it and see what changes come about daily when he comes home from work.