Sites That Caught My Eye This Week

My daughter has been wanting to learn to sew, but Buzzard and I don’t feel she is ready to work with the sewing machine.  I recently came across some websites to teach me and her how to sew with our hands.  This is one skill I must admit I have not yet learnt.  Children seem to like it when you are learning right along with them any way, so this should be fun.

Raising Homemakers

If your child is ready to start using the sewing machine you might be interested in this website.

One Hour Craft

As I was looking for some crafts I could do with Coqui, she loves crafts, I stumbled across something wonderful, two websites for making dolls.  I have been telling Buzzard that I wanted to make a home-made doll for her for Christmas.  This way I can personalize it and make clothes just like the ones I make for Coqui.

Skip to My Lou several free patterns here

Doll Net Market you can buy some inexpensive doll patterns here.  Most are for intermediate and experienced doll makers, which I hope to someday achieve.

Doll Maker This one has a life-size doll with a free pattern.

The Purl Bee In case you are interested in making a felt doll.   These can be very pretty.

With so many families being on strict budgets this Christmas maybe some of you will find these websites inspiring.

Since I wear dresses all the time my little girl prefers to wear them too.  I am teaching her to be lady like when she wears one, but she is just a young girl.  Tonight I found a blog post that will help me to help her.

Like a Warm Cup of Coffee


Blogs that Caught My Eye this Week

I know the week is almost over and a little late for this part of my blog, but I will try to add some more before the week is out.  I’ve been busy with my family this week and that takes precedence in my life.

I would like everyone to go check out this wonderful post My Body, My Mind, Ect..  I believe it applies to us all.

Are you an E-gal?


Blogs That Caught My Eye this Week

I have found these blogs either helpful or thought provoking in my life and would like to share them with you.  I hope you find them helpful to.  Check back, I will be adding more here as the week goes on.  If you like this I will try to do it weekly as I see post that would fit the bill.  Enjoy the new sites if you’ve not been to them before.  If you know of a site that we all shouldn’t miss please let me know and I will check it out and let others know about it too, if it would be beneficial to many that might be reading my blog.

Good Morning Girls Growth in the Lord

One Hour Craft Teaching your child to sew

My Virtual Sanity Recycling Sweaters for Yarn

Do Stuff Blog Crock Pot Yarn Dyeing (you can dye that yarn you get from recycling sweaters)

Pink Slipper Project Make slippers for charity

Quiltville Use up material scraps