Monday’s Musings From the Porch Swing

Today as I was getting ready to go to the Dr. it dawned on me that I, like many others, get guessed up to go out, but don’t think much about how nice I dress around the house.  Why is it that many of us worry more about what we look like when we are among strangers than we do when around our own husbands; don’t they deserve to see us look nice too?  I know that we spend a lot of time cleaning, cooking, and wiping snot from children’s noses and don’t want to put on a dress that we would wear to a party to do such task.  When we are picking out our everyday house clothes, or the patterns and material in which to make them, maybe we should put a little more thought into it and buy practical but pretty clothing.  I’ve been thinking I should take the time to look nice for my husband when he comes home from a long day at work; give him something to look forward to.  In the long run not only will this benefit him it will also benefit me, because it makes me happy to see my family happy, especially my husband.  It will also make me feel better about myself when I look in the mirror and give me a better outlook.  That in turn will make me more pleasant to be around, hopefully even when I’ve had a bad day, at least better than I would have if I’d seen myself dressed frumpy on a day like that.

I am not planning on telling my husband of this plan of mine, I am just going to implement it and see what changes come about daily when he comes home from work.


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