Women, Dresses and Skirts

As a young woman I liked dresses, but didn’t want to wear them all the time.  Two years ago I began wearing dresses out of necessity.  You see I had spinal surgery and any pressure on my back causes excruciating pain, therefore I started wearing dresses all the time.  The first winter I thought I would freeze when wearing them outside, but I didn’t.  It was very cold that winter too.  I have really had a great experience wearing them.  When I go out I notice that men open doors, tip there heads at me, and say hi.  Please understand I am usually in my wheelchair that my husband has to push, so he is with me.  I have asked several men what they preferred a woman to wear and they have said dresses.  Honestly when I wear a dress I feel more feminine.  I am really glad that I had to start wearing them and don’t want to go back to wearing pants.

I make my own dresses so this saves me money and I can style them how I want.  I even clean house in my dress.  At first this was kinda hot to do during the summer, but I got used to it.  I make my dresses tea length or longer, so that it is easy to get in and out of my wheelchair without being immodest.

I would like to hear other women’s experience who wear dresses, those who have; always worn dresses, been wearing them for a little while, just begun wearing them occasionally, or those who would like to take a challenge to wear them for seven days.  Please comment and share your good and bad experiences with wearing dresses.  Let us encourage one another.  WordPress doesn’t give me the option to let post appear without being approved, but I will be checking and approving post. We are blazing new trails down roads traveled by women in the past.  Have fun and enjoy your dresses.

*Please understand when I say dresses that is to included skirts as well.  I myself just can’t wear them due to my pain.*


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