I Want to Make Life Easier on Myself and my Family

When I was younger I wanted to have everything in my house match and liked having knick knacks, baskets, and fauex flowers sitting around.  As I’ve gotten older and busier (growing more in the Lord, raising my children, spending as much time with my family as possible, and homeschooling) I have decided that “less is more”.  When we declutter our home, keeping only what we truly need, and keeping watch on what we bring into our home, buying what is needed now and what fits into this stage of our family’s life, it gives us more time to spend with those we love and meet our goals.  I have a disability which has caused us to seek a minmalist approach to decorating.  When there are less decorations it is easier to keep our home clean.

Right now we are in the process of deciding what goes in to each area of the house.  If a particular item always tends to end up in a certain area of the house then that is where we need to find space for it to go.  This has not happened over night for us.  We have come to this way of declutering and trying to keep it that way over the last several years.  It has taken some baby steps here and big leaps there.  It really helps if the whole family is on board with this new way of living.

With my disability I often have to take rest.  When I am resting I still try to be useful.  Lately I’ve been going through papers in file boxes and any others I come across.  This is part of the clutter that often lies hidden in our homes.  It takes time to look for a particular paper when we have unnecessary ones mixed in with what we truly need.  Take time and go through them carefully and throw away or shed what is no longer needed.

Another thing I have been decluttering while resting is my bookmarks.  Many times I will think a blog is something I need and put it in my favorites, but when I go to find it again it can be near to impossible due to the fact that I have other bookmarks that are no longer needed and I hadn’t organized them well to begin with.  I have been working to put my favorites into folders with names that fit the main content of the site; a name that will identify for me personally why I bookmarked the sites to begin with.


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