How We Speak About our Husbands and Husbands of Others

We women often hear that we shouldn’t talk to people about issues we have with our husbands, but how often have you heard you shouldn’t give another woman advice about her own husband?  Have you been told that you don’t have the right to make bad comments about another woman’s husband?  I have not read or been told this but it has weighed on my heart.  You see one night I was talking to a really close friend and I was upset with something her husband had done, so I made a derogatory comment about him to her.  She got real quiet.  After hanging up the phone God began to work on me; letting me know that what I had done was wrong and that I should apologize.  It was too late to call her back, so I had to wait and carry the guilt of what I had done till the next time I could get ahold of her.  Once I had told her that I was sorry for saying that about her husband the burden was lifted from me.  I have now learned that along with not talking bad about our own husbands we don’t have the right to talk bad about other women’s husbands either, even if we are talking to another woman about a friend’s husband.  Not only does this make for better relationships with our friends it also keeps us from encouraging her to say bad things about her husband, which she may be more prone to do when she hears us say bad things about him.


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