My Focus for This Blog

I have been thinking alot about what I wanted the focus of this blog to be.  I have felt that at this time in my life my main focus is being a christian wife and mother.  To me this means continuing to grow in the Lord and apply lessons that God is teaching me to my family life.  I believe if we are willing we can continue to grow and learn about the roles in life God has placed us in.  These lessons in turn can make the world a better place by us applying them to the life of our families.  You may only be one person, but God can use your obedience to change the world.  Just remember Joseph in Egypt, Noah, Abraham, Ezra, and Ruth.  All of this being said I am going to make the focus of my blog growing in the Lord as a wife and mother.  I will often accomplish this by explaining how I applied the things I’ve learned and the outcome of doing so.


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