Decision Making

Decision Making

How do you make decisions in your home?  Do you make some or all the decisions by yourself?  Do you think to turn to God to guide you in what you should do?  Do you go to your husband for help with your decisions?

I will admit I don’t always remember to ask God for guidance when making a decision, though I do try and am always working to do it more.  When I have an important decision to make it concerns my family since I am the keeper of our home.  If I have prayed about something that I think needs a decision now, but peace about what I think should be done is not there, I go to my husband with my concerns and what I think.  He may agree or disagree with me, or even tell me we should wait or that the decision is not as pressing as I had thought.

Going to my husband does not mean I am not a confident woman or that I can’t hear God’s leading.  It does mean that I am upholding the Biblical standard and confident in God and the husband He provided me with.  This in turn makes me a strong and confident woman and in turn make our family unit stronger, by setting a good example for our children.   We work together, but my husband is head of the household just like God intended.  I should depend on him to help me with things I am unsure of.  He too will come to me; in this way we work together as a team.  Don’t just wing it next time you are not sure what should be the answer to something you need to do or something you have been contemplating.  First, try to remember to pray then go to your husband.


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  1. Making a decision can be an agonizing prospect – thanks for putting it into proper perspective.

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