How can you be a helpmeet?


How do you go about being a good helpmeet? If you have children like we do this can sometimes be hard. What I mean is; as a mom we have a tendency to put our children first, but this is not the way it should be. In the order of our priorities and responsibilities God is first, then our spouses, then the children, then others. What you may be asking; I thought we had a responsibility to help others. We do, but we also have a responsibility to help our family. If we have a wonderful relationship with God, then we will be able to be a better wife, mother, and so forth. If we in turn dedicate ourselves to being a good helpmeet, our homes will function better and we will be in a better position to help others. Just remember we have to get right with God to begin with, this does not mean we will be perfect, that will only happen when we get to Heaven. What it does mean is that we do our best by continuing to pray and spend time with the Lord daily and do what He ask of us. Our very next concern as I mentioned before is our spouses. We need to listen to them, respect them, have patience, help them, and say we are sorry when we are wrong. Don’t let your pride get in the way of doing these things. We were created to be his helper.

If you are new to looking at your marriage this way it will probably be a big adjustment for both you and your husband, but in the long run, since you are following God’s plan for marriage, it will be better than if you had just done your own thing. This will not happen overnight and you will mess up plenty of times, like the rest of us do, but God is faithful in helping us to follow His plans for us. Don’t be too hard on yourself, ask God for forgiveness and forgive yourself, spend time with the Lord meditating and reading His word. I have found that having like minded Christian girlfriend and reading blogs of like minded Christians is helpful, as well as studying some of the good Women’s Bible study books on the market that have been written for this purpose.


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  1. Hy Gwyen, thanks for visiting my sight and kind comments on my rating system. You are more than welcome to use it. I’m flattered. I look forward to reading your reviews.

    As for this subject you’re talking about in this post, I completely agree. I was watching Oprah several years ago and the show was a reaction to an article written in a large newspaper saying some of these same things. I’m sure it didn’t have the reference to God but it advised women to put their marriage before their children in priority. The reaction from most mothers was outrage (at least the ones they showed). I was a little surprised because I’ve always thought that the marriage relationship was second only to our relationship with God. Maybe this is one reason the divorce rate is so high.

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