Working with your husband not against him

Buzzard is redoing our bathroom to make it easier for me to use with my disability.   The other day we went to pick out tile for the shower. We went to two separate stores.  Neither of which had a big selection.  I was disappointed at first and couldn’t seem to find anything that we agreed on.  You see our bathroom is kind of small so Buzzard do not want to do really dark tile, but every one I like was too dark.   I begin to get frustrated and wished that there was more selection, but I said a little prayer and ask God to help me with this. I knew I needed to make a compromise, so I decided maybe I can have my cake and eat it too.  I wasn’t trying to be selfish I was trying to work things out.  I had Buzzard get the one he liked and I picked up the one I like and put them side-by-side, then I had him lay out a pattern using the two tiles that we liked and some that went with both from their own sets. This actually worked out very well.  I must say it was interesting watching people walk by and look at him down on the floor laying out the pattern as I was telling him what I wanted.  I did this because he wanted it to be special for me.  You may wonder just what I’m getting at;  I am trying to learn to be a more submissive wife without becoming a welcome mat.  My prayers and working out a compromise made him happy and in return I was happy too.


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